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Digital Solutions Provider

We are a team of specialists that have a minimum of 25 years of experience in our related fields.  We collectively make up the backbone of SDLLC and we are your one stop shop for digital solutions.  

Who We Are

We examine your digital needs on a granular level and provide a customized solution that scales with your growth and budget.  

What We Do

From your social media and website to your cybersecurity we have an integrated solution for your business.  We provide the network hardware, the software and the programmers for the solutions.  Stop vendor burnout and go with us.  

How We Do It

Big Corporate Services for Small Business Owners

Every business should have access to the same services the big corporations use without having to hire an entire department full of people to do so.  We provide that solution for your business so you can focus on your business and leave the technology up to us.  

The Idea That Created Shaggy Digital

Marketing is your website, digital signage, social media advertising, and so much more.  We handle all the background Web Administration services as well as the foreground UI/UX and the Designs needed.  Our team can create videos, customized templates for social media, as well as handle the content for your digital signage.  With all the integrations availbe your advertising will be seamlessly integrated across all platforms.  


We sell and install most every networked device you can thing of.  With the Internet of Things being so robust and our background being in computers and networks you're not relying on someone without the proper skillset, you are getting a proper technology guru that knows which professionals to leverage and when to get your networked devices installed and running optinally.  We are a proud partner of EnGenius and TP-Link.


What is M.S.P.?  Managed Services Provider.  We provide monitored support solutuions for your digital systems.  Computers, Routers, Workstations, if it connects to the network we support it.  Even some things that's dont connect to the network are supported...Just ask and get signed up today for one of our proactive support solutions. We are a proud partner of Pulseway


Not sure where to begin?  That's fine too.  We offer a full suite of consulting services from setting up your new business to restructuring your existing business.  Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of business from Hair Salons and Barbershops to Law Firms and Accounting Firms.  We have worked within the industries and have helped setup restaurants and doctors' offices as well.  Not sure, just ask...That's why we are here.