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Our Story

The journey began in 1998 when the founder of Shaggy Digital went to an open house for Porter and Chester Institute in Watertown Connecticut.  He became fascinated with all things digital and dove head first into learning everything he could about the hardware and software that went in to making technology function.  At that time he found his love for the integration of systems into everyday life.  He ventured out after graduation and sought to work in every facet of the industry he could learning while earning.  Eventually corporate life and working for others became mundane.  He saw a need to bring his experience to smaller businesses offering them the same solutions as the big corporations for a budget they can afford.  

Our Stats


Number of installations nation wide over 25 years and growing


Years in Corporate


Our systems run 24/7 so you don't have to.  We are proactive and cutting edge.  You can sleep easy knowing we have your back and will be your technology concierge for the long haul.  


Years of Experience and counting

Cyber Security 

Never forget, your security is only as good as you are at maintaining it.  We provide the peace of mind knowing your systems are PCI compliant, HIPPA compliant, and monitored for security breaches in real time.  We also provide proactive backup solutions to ensure the integrity of your data should a breach occur.  


We take our time to learn our clients at a granular level.  This allows us to implement the best solutions for their needs.  We ensure our custom-tailored solutions are robust and complete.  We do not leave room for voids, if anything we over deliver on our services.  

Working with our clients to design digital solutions that fit their needs and their budgets.  To ethically help them grow and watch their ROI flourish.  


We don't drop a solution and run, we implement each solution systematically to ensure proper integration and functionality.  We then provide the training needed to utilize the systems before moving to the next stage.  Our solutions are all inclusive so each dependent process is rolled out together ensuring a lower learning curve and faster ROI.  

We do our best every day to ensure flawless execution of our systems.